We work daily to offer our customers an innovative assortment of fresh cut products and a high level of service. We have specialized in complete solutions throughout the production process, from product development to packaging and packing to an optimum logistics service.

Product development

For more than 50 years we have continuously increased our selection of healthy and innovative convenience products available to our customers. We want to continue this path in close collaboration with our customers.

We provide different types of products and formats, from single ingredients to salad blends to complete salads in bowls. We also produce a fresh assortment of kitchen-ready vegetables and ready-to-eat cut fruits in many recipe combinations and different bowl formats and sizes.

Ready-to-eat fruits

Our facilities are technologically state-of-the-art and especially equipped to process and produce ready-to-eat fresh fruit.

We select the fruits at the optimum moment of ripeness and clean, cut and package them to ensure that our customers receive a product with maximum freshness, quality and nutritional value.

We offer a variety of items, including single ingredient products as well as fruit blends, and bowl formats in various sizes in order to make consumption easier at any time and at any place.

Packaging design

We strive for innovative packaging solutions which offer added value with regard to convenience, originality and the use of sustainable materials.

Simultaneously we continuously work on developing sustainable packaging solutions like those for our “ultra fresh” salads which are ready-to-eat within one day. These are presented in an innovative wax-coated carton bowl, an alternative to plastic.


The technological flexibility of our production center allows us to develop different types of packaging for a large selection of products, from salads in bags or bowls to fresh vegetables in trays to pre-cut fruits which are also ready to eat in convenient cups or bowl format.

In addition, we offer specific sizes and formats to our customers from the Food Service industries.


Innovation and technology are at the center of Josef Müller Gemüse AG’s logistics area. We have fully-automated systems which assist us in optimizing and efficiently designing our warehouses, order processing and the distribution of our products.

In order to guarantee the best service we are working with experienced professionals in the areas of distribution and transport to ensure that our fresh and ready-to-eat products reach our customers nation-wide in less than 24 hours, every day of the year.