We are experts

We are experts

We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement in order to achieve the highest operational efficiency and sustainability. Each day we check the efficiency of our formats, processes, work methods and technologies. This allows us to be leaders in operative business and to provide our customers with a perfect combination: Products of excellent quality and always the best service.

Private label tailored to your wish.

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Production capacity
Our processing plant in Hünenberg in the canton of ZUG (central Switzerland) has diverse and modernly equipped systems which we use to produce numerous salads and fresh, kitchen-ready vegetable products and fruits.

As part of our efforts to provide our customers with new fresh-cut products to help them stand out on the market, we also produce many types of cleaned, cut and ready-to-eat fruit in cup and bowl formats. Our company is also certified for the production of BIO produce.

At Josef Müller Gemüse AG we work together with key distribution chains on the Swiss market and customers from the Food Service.



Innovation has been the center of our business since we started in 1969. In order to react to new global trends in the food sector with new products which anticipate the needs of our customers and our markets we invest more than one million euro each year in Research, Development and Innovation. We work internally with our own innovation team from various units as well as externally with large technology centers and universities to develop projects in the areas of innovation, food safety and quality.

Food Safety and Quality

Our commitment to maximum food safety and quality of our products is the foundation upon which we have built customer trust for over 50 years.

Our understanding of quality begins in the agricultural crops of our partners. Directly where everything begins… outdoors in the ground. Our demand for quality goods starts when we receive the raw materials and continues throughout the processing phase.

We have a strict internal protocol and have obtained demanding food safety and quality certificates, including IFS Food and Swiss G.A.P. In addition, our factory is also accredited as a producer of organic products (Organic).

Our production center has its own quality lab where all batches are thoroughly analyzed which we supplement with numerous analyses of external cooperating labs.



We work closely together with our suppliers in order to create a sustainable food chain which guarantees the highest level of freshness, food safety and quality of our products.

Through a continuous control and test system that is integrated into our quality system we are able to check the food safety and the quality of raw materials we use.

All of our suppliers have been inspected and have the strictest international certifications. Our farmer suppliers are therefore certified according to the Global G.A.P. standard for good farming practices.


We work economically, socially and ecologically in a responsible manner and strive to be a positive influence in society.

We concentrate on continuous improvement and optimization of our processes with a clear focus on sustainability, efficient resource utilization and reducing our ecological footprint. Our production center has solar panels on the roof. In addition, we use plant-based waste from salad leaves, vegetables and fruits to produce biogas and electricity.

These are, among others, our contribution to improving the energy efficiency in our factory.

Our strategy for innovation and sustainability of packaging is based on the 3R Principle: reduce, reuse, recycle. We use the least amount of material that is as light weight as possible and work on providing our customers with new, more sustainable solutions.

With our packaging 70% of the plastic bowls are made from recycled material and the cardboard is 100% FSC certified. For our ready-to-eat “ultra fresh” salads we use wax-coated cardboard bowls as an alternative to plastic.