Salad Bags

Blends of fresh, washed vegetables ready to make into your favourite salads. From single ingredients to salad blends containing different ingredients or baby leaves, ideal for sharing thanks to our practical formats.

  • Bases for mixing
  • Salad Blends
  • Baby leaves

Full Salads

Fresh, tasty, well-balanced blends ready to toss and enjoy in under a minute. A new way of eating salad any time and anywhere thanks to their disposable fork. Surprising vegetable recipes with a wide variety of toppings to suit all tastes. Served up in tubs or jars.

  • Bowl
  • Cup


Our blends of vegetables are grown using only natural products and respecting nature’s cycles. Free of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. In practical bags or bowls, as fresh as ever and more nutritious than ever before

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